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121 Private Training

121s :- MMA Sessions, or Strength & Conditioning for Combat Sports PT Sessions

Our mini-dojo is located just off Cherry Hinton Road, Cambridge, UK.

It's small, but has everything a modern Mixed Martial Artist needs to develop their skills and conditioning to be able to compete in our sport.

Boasting spotless matted area, complete with wall-mats for training our cage-wrestling techniques, we also have a freestanding Bob-punchbag, kick-shield, Fairtex thai-pads, the latest air-focus pads, skipping rope & a punchbag on the floor for GnP drills.

We also have a squat rack complete with Olympic sized barbell, plates & bench. 

Prices for our Club Members** are £40 for a 1hr MMA session; non-members should contact for bookings.

After you have booked your session you will receive an e-invoice by email so you can pay by debit card.  

As always feel free to direct any questions to our business manager, Holly via:- 



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MMA Class Enquiry Form

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